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Oak Field School

NICER Group - Nottingham Interactive Community for Education Research


Who are we?

We are a group of people with intellectual disabilities who are interested in research and want to make sure research about intellectual disabilities conducted locally involves people with intellectual disabilities and is informed by their needs and wishes. We meet monthly at the local special school Oak Field


NICER group members testing the Nao robot interface with a researcher

Our group started in 1995 when we took part in a project funded by the European Lifelong Learning Scheme. Since then we have met regularly to review research proposals that involve people with intellectual disabilities and advise on research projects that are running for example writing information sheets, designing pilot work, advising on recruitment and dissemination, testing software and advising on accessibility.



Our group is supported by teachers from the school and researchers from the local universities. Members have presented at international conferences especially IASSID (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental

Disabilities) when it was held in South Africa, Seattle and France. We have also taught on courses at both universities in Nottingham