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Oak Field School

The Watch | Cafe 2 CIC

The Watch | Cafe 2 CIC


The Watch | Café 2 CIC is a not-for-profit company. Our aim is to help people get high quality training towards employment through a business-based opportunity.


Trainee handing product to customers

The project is supported by and in partnership with: 

  • Oak Field School
  • Nottingham City Council Community Protection


There are two different aspects to The Watch | Café 2 CIC:

‘The Watch’ can support you in your work place, with mentor visits, check ups, meeting support, training for colleagues, task adaptation and training, communication help and problem solving.


'Café 2' is a training project you can take part in using a Personal (or private) Budget if you are an adult with a learning disability. You can train as a barista, get food hygiene training, learn about cooking, improve your customer-facing skills and get help with moving into supported or open employment. Café 2 is a works-cafe in Central Police Station, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham.