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Oak Field School

3 - 7 Phase

Learning in the 3 - 7 Phase encourages our pupils to become confident and curious learners with a focus on developing their learning skills.  We promote the development of independence skills by creating an environment which is responsive to the pupils' needs and which supports the positive relationships through which our pupils can thrive.  Our learning is predominantly in the prime areas of the curriculum: communication & language, personal, social and emotional development, and physical development.  The specific areas of the curriculum provide enhancements and opportunities for experiential learning that is so valuable to our pupils' awareness of the world around them.

Book Based Curriculum


Year 1 (2022-2023)

Year 2 (2023-2024)

Year 3 (2024-2025)

Autumn 1

Classic Stories

Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen

The Tiger who came to Tea

Judith Kerr


David McKee

Autumn 2

Traditional Tales

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Little Red Riding Hood

The Gingerbread Man

Spring 1

Amazing Adventures

Pip and Posy

Axel Sheffler

Pirates Love Underpants

Claire Freedman

Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! Here Come the Dinosaurs

Kaye Umansky

Spring 2


Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carl

Handa’s Surprise

Eileen Browne

I don’t like salad!

Tony Ross

Summer 1

Our Family and Friends

Five Minutes Peace

Jill Murphy

Martha Maps it Out

Leigh Hodgkinson

Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister

Summer 2

Exciting Environments

Magic Train Ride

Sally Crabtree

Jabuti the Tortoise

Gerald McDermott




*Additional books to support the theme chosen specifically on cohort of pupils to provide opportunities to explore children’s interest.


In our 3 - 7 years phase, pupils have access to 10 continuous provision learning areas. Each of these areas is linked to the EYFS curriculum and has been carefully considered to ensure a breadth of delivery.   Some areas include; messy mark making, reading corner, role play corner and a discovery zone.  Pupils have opportunities for learning in all these areas throughout the week.  Our continuous provision plans highlight key learning opportunities in each continuous provision area, resources and organisation.  Although the core resources remain the same throughout the year, each term topic enhancements are changed and link directly to our half termly book topic.  In addition to the continuous provision plans, pupils also access a focused learning activity linked to the book topic and curriculum map.

Continuous Provision Planning

Focused Learning Activity Planning