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Selecting the right skills and knowledge and choosing the right times to teach them is important in getting pupils ready for their adult lives. Recognising, celebrating and planning for pupils' personal needs is central to the curriculum that they learn and experience.


Teachers and Leaders intent is that each pupil should receive a curriculum that is personal to them, yet closely joined with social and community opportunities to learn.


We use different programmes, profiles and maps to plan our intent for pupils’ learning.



These documents help teachers to plan and share with families and school teams’ the personal goals for each pupil. They are carefully linked to Education, Health and Care plans. For older children they include goals for accreditation and awards.


Learning Journeys and Achievement Profiles are used to record community participation and experiences, which help to make sure children are taking part in events relevant to them.


Example page from Achievement Profile (7-14 Phase)

Example of an Achievement Profile for Adeel


Example page from Achievement Profile (14-19 Phase)



Many pupils have a Communication Profile to help teachers and professionals detail their communication strengths and next steps as they progress through school.





Each Phase of school uses Topic Maps to plan for progression, appropriate repetition and to provide a rich, diverse and appropriate curriculum for the pupils at Oak Field School.