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Oak Field School

School Values

Mission Statement


“Life itself is the groundwork of education and training” (Pestalozzi)


Oak Field School is committed to the advancement of inclusive education for all its pupils, through the development of active and creative minds. It supports a broad, balanced, engaging and rich curriculum in core and foundation subjects, such as liberal arts, humanities,  physical education and the development of functional and life skills, including work-related learning.


Oak Field promotes respect for diversity, promoting our pupils as global citizens. We encourage a sense of compassion and understanding of others, and a deep respect for human worth and dignity. We recognise and respect every member of the school community’s ethnicity, cultural and religious values and sexual orientation.  We stress the importance of personal development of each child and young person, with reference to their learning, social emotional, physical, spiritual and moral education. We promote a wide range of values including, but not limited to, those described as ‘British values’.


The School sees itself as at the heart of education within the City, working closely with other agencies in the City and County to ensure the very best outcomes for the pupils and their families. Its commitment to research and training ensures a healthy relationship with the Nottingham Schools Trust and the local Universities.


The School is committed to the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.