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Welcome to Oak Field School // It's Fairtrade Fortnight - join us for assembly on Vimeo Friday at 9.30 // Check in Familes/Gallery for our lastest photos //

Oak Field School


Hanukkah Activities :- Can you explore the celebration of Hannukkah? Enjoy colouring, cooking and using symbols at home.

Hanukkah Activities

The Diwali Story, a sensory reading

Celebrate Diwali! Look around your house for the things in the photo, then watch the video and join in!

The Diwali Story, a Sensory Reading

Communication activities :- Use these activities to support communication and interaction.

Sound Collector Poem :- Can you find and listen to the different sounds around your home and create your own sound poem?

Sound Collector Poem :- Symbols to use

Sequence a household task :- Break a household task down into the main stages and photograph each stage. Can you sequence the images?

Sensory Bonfire Massage Story :- Enjoy the story and actions with a parent or carer

Make your own Firework Poem:- Explore the noises that fireworks make using these worksheets. Can you make your own poem with the help of an adult?

Class 7 Story: My Many Coloured Days. Explore each page and massage actions. Which do you prefer? How do you show this? If you want you can also use the image and symbol resource to make choices from.

My Many Coloured Days resources. Use the images or symbols to look towards as the story is read or choose your favourite from 2 or more.

Commotion in the ocean reading

This is "Commotion in the ocean reading" by Oak Field School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

New: Commotion in the Ocean resources to support learning.

Sharing our feelings symbol activity

A demonstration on using feelings symbol mats and thinking about why we might be feeling a certain way.

Pockets story and activity

A story about pockets. What can you find in pockets? Can you 'pull' an object out of a pocket? Maybe you could find things that rhyme in your pockets.

Activity sheets to accompany the pockets video: one for 'pull' one for 'rhyme'. Can you use the symbols to help you?

Fine Motor Skills Part 2 - Some more activities you can work on at home to develop fine motor skills for writing development.

NEW Reading and Spelling for eye gaze

Reading and Spelling for children that use eye gaze and eye-pointing to communicate

NEW KEY SKILLS: Reading activity to enjoy a story with your family and answer questions about it. What sort of story do you like? Share your good work with us in assembly.