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Oak Field School


Art: Cinderella's Glass Slipper:- Design a beautiful glass slipper to wear to a ball! Let's use household items and get creative!

Art: Cinderella's Glass Slipper - Template

Tape resist splatter paintings:- Create a pattern or letter with tape and paint.

Creative Windows:- Make a hand suncatcher and people butterflies.

A room with a View:- Explore the view from a window in your home.

Stencil and Silhouette Creations:- Discover how to make and explore a stencil or silhouette.

Frida Kahlo - Little People, Big Dreams

Tom reads about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Picasso Faces :- Discover cubism and create a Picasso style portrait.

Picasso Faces - Template

Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo:- Fun with Frida Kahlo! Explore her famous headdress and how to make a model.

Frida Kahlo: A Brief History (School Friendly)

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who became famous for her self portraits that were strongly influenced by Mexican culture. Did you enjoy this video? You can...

Frida Kahlo activity pack

Frida Kahlo Face and Feet Drawing Template

Art: Recreate masterpieces for some hilarious results!