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Things to do at home!

Things to do at (or near) home.....reading!



Traditional Tales Role Play

Recreate the traditional stories or The Three Little Pigs, or Little Red Riding Hood. Take on different character roles. Who will be the big bad wolf, who blows the houses down?


Phonics Sing–along

Sing along to the Jolly Phonics song, using the link below.


Relax with a book

Visit your local library to choose and read/listen to a book!


Borrow a Sensory Book Bag from school:

Send us a text or phone up if you’d like to try one.


Guess the logo game

Cut out logos from food wrappers, or search for shop logos on the internet.

Cover part of the logo up. Can your family guess what item/shop they represent?


Out and about

Practise reading transport timetables and maps as you work out how to reach your favourite places.



Things to do at (or near) home.......RE



Listen to a traditional nursery rhyme from another country


Leave a kindness stone in your local park.


Do something kind for a friend or neighbour


Collect some food or toiletries to donate to your local food bank.


Make a card or tasty treat for a friend. Meet with up with them to deliver it.


Things to do at (or near) home.......Performing Arts



Dress up as your favourite book character


Dress up as your favourite book character.  Can you recreate your favourite part of the book?



Make your own story puppets


Make puppet characters of stories you are reading.  No need to buy commercial puppets – everyday objects work just fine and are a great craft activity!

Finger puppets





Pick up the rhythm and pass it around


Start with “pick up the rhythm and pass it around” followed by a repeated action. Each to join in one by one, adding to the rhythm each time. You could use your voice to create a chant, use your hands to create a bang hands or use your feet to stamp! How many can you remember in a row?



Play a game of charades

Use your acting abilities to help your family and friends guess the mystery word from your chosen category. Will you sing, act or dance?




Relax and take a trip to the theatre


Take the bus to your local theatre and use the ‘What’s on’ guide to find your favourite show.  Book the show and enjoy!


Or….. why not join a local drama group? There are accessible drama groups run at College Street Centre and Lakeside Arts.




Things to do at (or near) home.......History




Bury toys in the garden or sand pit and let your children dig around to find them! Clean them off just like an Archaeologist would then practice ordering them or grouping them by object or colour.



Boats from the past

Make a Pirate or Viking boat to float in the bath or bowl by folding paper (easy origami tutorials on youtube). Then draw skull and cross bones or Viking shields on the side.



Act like Robin Hood  

Make a Robin Hood hat: look for feathers when you’re out on a walk then make a hat out of colourful card and stick the feather in the side.

Now search the house for loose change, or start to collect 2ps and 1ps, then the next time you are in a shop put the money in the charity boxes – Robin hood ‘robbed from the rich and gave to the poor!’



My timeline

Develop understand of timing sequence by making a timeline of photos with your child to show them growing up. Write the years from when they were born until now and clip them onto a piece of string with the photos!


My diary

Encourage your child to start writing their own weekly diary – use pictures from magazines, photos, paint or pen, just a few words or images a week. This will help them understand time as it passes by.






Visit Nottingham’s Historical Landmarks

Green’s Windmill in Sneinton was built in the 19th century and still runs today! See History in action!

The City of Coves: see the caves built in the dark ages that run under Nottingham city.

The Galleries of Justice: experience what is was like to be in the courts and prisons of the past.

Whilst you’re there look at the artefacts such as: Great Train Robbery evidence and Oscar Wilde’s cell door.


My diary

Encourage your child to start writing their own weekly diary – use pictures from magazines, photos, paint or pen, just a few words or images a week. This will help them understand time as it passes by.