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Oak Field School

We've joined the lastest craze in making a fun message video whilst catching and dropping virtual toilet rolls! Read our instructions to find out how your child can join in!

Toilet Roll Drop!

We are making a fun video for you to share a simple hello with children and staff from Oak Field!


For pictorial instructions and example videos visit:



Here’s what you need to do to take part:

  • Find a toilet roll.
  • Find somewhere to video your “toilet roll catch, ‘hello’ and toilet roll drop”.
  • Make sure that you have put personal items that shouldn’t be seen in the background away.



  • If using a phone turn your phone on its side (landscape).

If using a camera, keep it landscape.


  • Check the examples here: (Vimeo link?)
  • Record your video in 10 seconds or less.
  • Drop the toilet roll into the video from above, say your quick hello message and drop your toilet roll on to the floor or ground.
  • Send it to
  • OR: you can send it using (free) to if you agree to their Privacy Policy.
  • Send it by the end of the day on Tuesday 12th May