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Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (7-14 years)

Learning at home activities





Additional learning activities

A Story for you about magical days at home

Using the book - On a magical do nothing day. Find out the different ways you can have fun adventures in your home.

NEW KEY SKILLS: Can you practise your sounds and syllables with someone? Work on your Literacy skills in a fun way at home.

NEW SENSORY: Enjoy the sunshine this week and what Summer means through activities and experiences.

NEW: Play Simon Says to practise responding to instructions and keeping active

NEW: Take part in a fun experience with your family, then try to describe it using a range of vocabulary

NEW: A story for you from down in the jungle

Plugged in? Battery? or both? This activity is for you to learn more about the technology in your home.

Music activities for you to experiment with and have fun with your favourite songs

PE: Parachute don't have to have a parachute, a sheet or blanket will do

NEW Sensory: MATP grasp and strike skills

This is "MATP grasp and strike" by Oak Field School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

NEW Physical Development: Fine Motor skills to work on using things you can find around your home

Using a Commuication Mat for choice making

You can print a mat (see download), or make a few choice symbols of your own from a cereal box or card.

Download a communication mat

Communication mats for singing

An example of how to use a "Communication Mats" for singing

NEW ICT Sensory: Can you access some sound or movement based apps and games at home? Practise your tapping or swiping skills

NEW Sensory arts and crafts: Enjoy making things with your family and share your creations with us. Practise your finger and hand movements

NEW SCIENCE: Enjoy finding different items outside in a scavenger hunt and try to share what you find with us

NEW: Cooking fun. Making pastry snails to eat??

NEW SENSORY: Enjoy the outside if the weather warms up and you can enjoy your garden or take a walk

Stick Man arts and craft activities using natural things found in your garden or outside space

NEW SENSORY: Morning Routine activity to develop motor skills and body awareness

This week's 7-14 story!

This week's 7-14 story!

NEW SENSORY: Sound and music making in the home

NEW: Sounds around the home.....

An early phonics activity for everyone! Have fun! Can you copy the sounds with your mouth?

Sensory PE and music: Keep moving with these ideas for songs and stretches.

SENSORY SPACE: One of our themes this term is Space. This is a great Sensory and PMLD unit from Northern Ireland for you to use.

Click below to download the pack

Maths: Sock shop!

Sock shop sorting sheets! Use these to help you think about sorting categories

PE and Creativity...Don't throw out that 2017 plain flour can make play dough for mark making!

Good Morning Song

This song might be familiar to some of the younger children in 7-14! Use it to start your morning if you're in or a friend of Class 4.

Last week's story was: Supertato

Can you find all the characters in your kitchen?
Make a story page for a vegetable superhero in your house.

Class 3's sequel to Supertato......Pea Movie!

Can you tell or make your own story inspired by Supertato?
Can you add a page to the Supertato story?

Maths - numerals (Slideshow)

RED Maths. Identifying small and big items, organising items in size order.


YELLOW Maths. Using different rooms in the house, locating where objects are (in, on, under).


GREEN Maths. Using dried food, such as pasta/ rice/ cereal in jars, comparing amounts and identifying which has more or less.

Maths - Growing plants and measuring

History: Find your photos and use them to learn about time.